Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enjoy Entertaining Shows on Astronomy While Touring Goa

The very mention of Goa fills the tourists' minds with images of beautiful sandy beaches and vast expanses of swaying coconut palms. However, this small state in western part of India has much more things to offer to its tourists coming from different corners of the globe. There are plenty of options to be explored during a Goa holiday for unlimited fun and entertainment. Among them are places that allow tourists to explore the different aspects of science and technology.

Goa Science Centre is one such place, which conducts interactive shows in its modern Digital Planetarium for the purpose of explaining celestial phenomena in a simple and illustrative way. The planetarium conducts four shows daily and is occupied with a seating capacity of 53. Some of the holiday packages to Goa include a visit to the Goa Science Centre, as it is also equipped with a unique 3D Theatre. It screens some exciting 3D films on an HD projection system with Dolby Digital sound. Another exciting place for those enjoying a holiday in Goa and wanting to explore some astronomy is the Public Astronomical Observatory, located at Junta House in Goa's capital city, Panaji. It is open from the 14th of November to 31st of May every year.

In order to have greater convenience in visiting these places, tourists would need comfortable accommodations during their vacation. The hotels in this part of the world are well-equipped with all the latest facilities. Modern amenities in them like Wi-Fi connectivity, personal safe, shopping closets, and personal bar, make staying in them a memorable experience. There are many hotels that offer Goa holiday packages at reasonable rates. Visits to some of the most exciting attractions in the state are included in these packages, giving travellers the opportunity to explore the different aspects of Goa while vacationing in the state.