Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goa is One of The Best Indian Beach Destinations

Fondly called 'Rome of the East' by many travellers, Goa is visited by millions of tourists every year. It has been ranked as the best state of India in terms of infrastructure and quality of life. According to some Hindu scholars, this region was known by several names in the past, such as, Gomanta, Govapuri and Govem. Goa is referred to as Govarashtra or Goparashtra in Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu text.

beaches in goa
 Goa has a tropical monsoon climate, and its atmosphere remains hot and humid for most parts of the year owing to its location in the tropical zone and closeness to the Arabian Sea. May is the hottest month in this Indian state, with daytime temperatures occasionally rising above 35-Degree Celsius. Monsoon makes its presence felt in this region during the period from June to September. Winters from mid-December to February are highly pleasant with moderate humidity and temperatures rarely rising above 28-Degree Celsius.

Tourists mostly choose to visit the coastal areas of Goa, but there are plenty of attractions in store for those who wish to explore its historical attractions. The budget hotels in Goa give travellers the chance to visit some of the best temples and churches in this region, besides its marvellous beaches.


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