Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birthday of Jesus Christ is a Big Day in India

A Christmas vacation normally begins with a visit to the church and greeting close relatives and friends. People exchange gifts with everyone at home and enjoy some special delicacies prepared for the occasion. Outside their homes, there are some great decorations, such as, electrical lighting on a Christmas tree, and star-shaped lanterns hung near the entrance.
Wish you Merry Christmas
Small shops and other commercial establishments also welcome the festive season with elaborate decorations. Some have a Santa waiting besides a Christmas tree to greet customers and delight them with some goodies. Men and women shop for their favourite items, while kids enjoy the Christmas goodies presented to them by Santa Claus. Before the Christmas holidays, teachers and students in schools organize some exciting events and Christmas parties.

Boys and girls participate in these events, in which, they may even get the chance to sing carols and to visit the neighbourhoods for some philanthropic activities. Tourists who are in India during the Christmas season can enjoy their stay in Hotel United-21 Emerald, Goa and get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with the local population.


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