Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Highly Pleasant Climate of Goa

Located along the western coast of India, Goa is one of the popular travel destinations in the country. Its beautiful coastline touches the Arabian Sea, and it has some of the most marvellous beaches visited by plenty of tourists every year. Another big reason why a large number of travellers visit Goa is its refreshing weather.

Beaches in goa
Monsoons arrive in Goa in the month of June and continue till September. July is considered as the wettest month, with a rainfall of over 995 millimetres. Festivities can be witnessed at some parts of the state to welcome the rainy season. Tourists visiting Goa around this time of the year would be extremely pleased to find the entire region covered with lush greenery. From the month of October to March, Goa experiences its peak tourist season. During the month of December, the best hotels in Goa are packed with travellers. It is advisable for tourists to book their accommodations well in advance if they are planning to visit the state in December.

goa beach
The period from April to May is a hot season in Goa, which sees a rise in humidity levels. Though temperatures of this region reaches 36-Degree Celsius, travellers can have an excellent time on beaches during daytime.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The highly Adventurous River Rafting Tours of Goa

The period from the month of October till December is ideal for tourists of Goa to have an exciting vacation in this world-famous travel destination. With temperatures not rising beyond 32-Degree Celsius, the weather is extremely pleasant and ideal for tourism. People visiting this fabulous state of India around this time of the year would get to enjoy loads of activities, including some truly action-packed ones. Among them is river rafting, a highly adventurous recreational activity, which involves navigating the rough waters using an inflatable raft.
river water rafting in goa
For adventure enthusiasts to participate in this outdoor activity, there are some basic requirements that have to be met. First among them is that the participants must be comfortable getting into the rough waters. Secondly, they must be physically fit for this type of activity. Usually, a river rafting tour begins with a trip through easy rapids. River rafting trips in Goa generally take about three hours to complete and provides the right adrenaline kicks to the adventure lovers.

There may be slight variations in the availability of river rafting tours owing to dam releases and unexpected rains. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Goa would make it very convenient for tourists in reaching the designated venue.