Friday, September 5, 2014

Treasure Shores of South Goa with United-21 Emerald Boutique Hotel

Goa, known for best 'Sand, Sun, Sea and Surf', is surely a paradise for both the freaky and the calm. This place really strings up the chords of all that is soulful yet frolic. Goa is mainly divided into two parts, the north and the south filled with enriching common and natural heritage sites, some of world's best beaches, delicious delicacies, window opening to amazing views, best beach hotels and resort and all hot.
varca beach south goa
South Goa serves as a massage center of souls with its clean and peaceful beaches away from the much crowded north Goa. Most tourists visiting south Goa seek a place to relax, have coconut water and simply cherish in the beauty of nature.

The south part of Goa is for the reclusive tourists and there are limited budget hotels and resorts that really deliver you an experience. One of the nest-like bases here is United-21 Emerald budget hotel, a modern retreat, located very near to the Varca beach, a place where the dolphins pose.

This boutique-king hotel is where the fun begins, providing all-suites sheltering and contemporary amenities that make a warm, comfortable and intimate setting, opening doors to heart-throbbing journeys of south Goa.

Quench your taste buds by exploring bold flavors of Chutzpaha, an in-house restaurant, serving eclectic range of dishes as desired. Another restaurant, The Peacock serves delightful Indian cuisine ranging from mild and aromatic to extremely bold and fiery. All this under one-roof so that you don't miss on anything that is premium.

Baccarat Rose, the flamboyant bar offering premium brands and spirited cocktails, is the ultimate place to grab a drink and just chill. A healthy approach with a perfect mix of varied pleasures at the Rogues Gallery allows a unique recreational experience.

United-21 Emerald is one of the exotic budget hotels and an ideal family vacation spot in Goa. It is designed to pamper you in an atmosphere both intimate and indulgent and offers style, with the informality of a home.

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