Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birthday of Jesus Christ is a Big Day in India

A Christmas vacation normally begins with a visit to the church and greeting close relatives and friends. People exchange gifts with everyone at home and enjoy some special delicacies prepared for the occasion. Outside their homes, there are some great decorations, such as, electrical lighting on a Christmas tree, and star-shaped lanterns hung near the entrance.
Wish you Merry Christmas
Small shops and other commercial establishments also welcome the festive season with elaborate decorations. Some have a Santa waiting besides a Christmas tree to greet customers and delight them with some goodies. Men and women shop for their favourite items, while kids enjoy the Christmas goodies presented to them by Santa Claus. Before the Christmas holidays, teachers and students in schools organize some exciting events and Christmas parties.

Boys and girls participate in these events, in which, they may even get the chance to sing carols and to visit the neighbourhoods for some philanthropic activities. Tourists who are in India during the Christmas season can enjoy their stay in Hotel United-21 Emerald, Goa and get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with the local population.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goa is One of The Best Indian Beach Destinations

Fondly called 'Rome of the East' by many travellers, Goa is visited by millions of tourists every year. It has been ranked as the best state of India in terms of infrastructure and quality of life. According to some Hindu scholars, this region was known by several names in the past, such as, Gomanta, Govapuri and Govem. Goa is referred to as Govarashtra or Goparashtra in Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu text.

beaches in goa
 Goa has a tropical monsoon climate, and its atmosphere remains hot and humid for most parts of the year owing to its location in the tropical zone and closeness to the Arabian Sea. May is the hottest month in this Indian state, with daytime temperatures occasionally rising above 35-Degree Celsius. Monsoon makes its presence felt in this region during the period from June to September. Winters from mid-December to February are highly pleasant with moderate humidity and temperatures rarely rising above 28-Degree Celsius.

Tourists mostly choose to visit the coastal areas of Goa, but there are plenty of attractions in store for those who wish to explore its historical attractions. The budget hotels in Goa give travellers the chance to visit some of the best temples and churches in this region, besides its marvellous beaches.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Highly Pleasant Climate of Goa

Located along the western coast of India, Goa is one of the popular travel destinations in the country. Its beautiful coastline touches the Arabian Sea, and it has some of the most marvellous beaches visited by plenty of tourists every year. Another big reason why a large number of travellers visit Goa is its refreshing weather.

Beaches in goa
Monsoons arrive in Goa in the month of June and continue till September. July is considered as the wettest month, with a rainfall of over 995 millimetres. Festivities can be witnessed at some parts of the state to welcome the rainy season. Tourists visiting Goa around this time of the year would be extremely pleased to find the entire region covered with lush greenery. From the month of October to March, Goa experiences its peak tourist season. During the month of December, the best hotels in Goa are packed with travellers. It is advisable for tourists to book their accommodations well in advance if they are planning to visit the state in December.

goa beach
The period from April to May is a hot season in Goa, which sees a rise in humidity levels. Though temperatures of this region reaches 36-Degree Celsius, travellers can have an excellent time on beaches during daytime.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The highly Adventurous River Rafting Tours of Goa

The period from the month of October till December is ideal for tourists of Goa to have an exciting vacation in this world-famous travel destination. With temperatures not rising beyond 32-Degree Celsius, the weather is extremely pleasant and ideal for tourism. People visiting this fabulous state of India around this time of the year would get to enjoy loads of activities, including some truly action-packed ones. Among them is river rafting, a highly adventurous recreational activity, which involves navigating the rough waters using an inflatable raft.
river water rafting in goa
For adventure enthusiasts to participate in this outdoor activity, there are some basic requirements that have to be met. First among them is that the participants must be comfortable getting into the rough waters. Secondly, they must be physically fit for this type of activity. Usually, a river rafting tour begins with a trip through easy rapids. River rafting trips in Goa generally take about three hours to complete and provides the right adrenaline kicks to the adventure lovers.

There may be slight variations in the availability of river rafting tours owing to dam releases and unexpected rains. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Goa would make it very convenient for tourists in reaching the designated venue.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Different Aspects of Finding Accommodations & Hotel Bookings

Finding an accommodation wasn’t really so simple ever. With the increase in easy access to web, using the internet as a medium of searching a destination is a child’s play. Anybody with a bare minimum comprehension of using a laptop or computer can explore many Travel Websites and seek necessary facts in several minutes sitting in their own homes.
accommodation in goa
A lot of people have their set of requirements when it comes to the venue of the hotel/resorts, comforts required, coupled with the categories of rooms available. Even the kind of foods served too becomes a reason of deciding on the places to stay. In these modern times you would be given remarkable vacation packages integrating all your stay, meal plans and vouchers. Additionally you can consult your pals who may have recently been to the destinations you are going to.

Accessibility to basic amenities, fine multi cuisine dining restaurants in addition to a great room service is something. For us, at United-21 Emerald Goa your comfort comes first followed by everything else as soon as you check in.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Host This Year's Diwali Vacations Efficiently with United-21 Emerald, Goa

Deepawali is amongst the most awaited Festivals among the Hindus all over the world. All people have their plans all set before hand for the upcoming vacations. Diwali basically is an awesome event packed with illumination, fire crackers in addition to reunions lets people not worry about past sorrows and kindles a spark of hope for a brighter New Year ahead.

People accentuate their homes, Call close friends and loved ones, take pleasure in card games, and see movies. Attending artistic events like morning shows or musical concert events along with Festive Rituals with Traditional Food was previously a typical scene in India during these days. At present all this is not as practical as it was formerly, because of the busy schedules and individualistic way of life in the metropolitan areas.
Try this if you currently are one of those people. Today people turn to efficient and cost effective ways to have this type of fun. They prefer to step out of their intense lives, look for a couple of excellent places of interest nearby to enjoy these types of family parties relieving themselves from the tension of actually hosting parties inside their home. They go with good family vacation deals and offers and want their friends, close relatives, neighbors, fellow workers, acquaintances to enroll them to share the charges efficiently. Find a place whereby it’s possible you have everything for everybody under-one-roof. Cost-effective restaurants or resorts in Goa with decent environment could possibly be a perfect place to outsource this burden of making all of your Diwali more attractive this season.

United-21 Emerald, Goa wishes you a Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Se Cathedral in Goa is one of Asia's Largest Churches

Located in Old Goa, Se Cathedral is one of the oldest religious buildings in Goa and among Asia's largest churches. It was constructed during sixteenth century by the Portuguese, to commemorate their victory over a Muslim army. It was commissioned by Governor George Cabral in the year 1552. Its construction began in 1562 and was completed in the early seventeenth century. It had two towers originally, but one of them collapsed in late eighteenth century.
Se Cathedral church in Goa
This cathedral has been built in the Portuguese-Manueline style of architecture with Corinthian interiors and Tuscan exteriors. It houses a large bell that produces a rich tone. Main altar in this church is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, and has many old paintings on its either side. The cathedral also has a baptismal font, which was used by the patron saint of Goa, Saint Francis Xavier, to baptise the Goans who had converted to Christianity.

Tourists can visit this cathedral during their vacation in Goa to explore its fantastic architecture and an interesting history. A stay in one of the best hotels in Goa would offer them greater convenience in getting to this church. They can also make a trip to many other interesting spots in Goa during their stay.

Adventure Lovers have Plenty of Options in Goa

Whenever one thinks of Goa, it usually flashes in the mind as an ideal place for relaxation. However, there are many activities that adventure seekers can enjoy during their time spent in this world-famous Indian state. There is so much to choose from, that the list of adventurous activities to be enjoyed in the region almost seems endless.
colva beach hotels
Scuba diving is one such activity, which tourists can enjoy at places like Grand Island. They can take a day trip to these locations, while staying at any of the Colva beach hotels having all the latest facilities. Today, opportunities for water-sports exist at most of the beaches in this exotic travel destination. It gives another good reason for tourists to spend their vacation in Goa. Fishing trips operated by licensed sports or commercial fishermen at certain places in the state can offer travellers the chance to experience the thrill of catching some big fishes.

The period between October and December is the best time to enjoy trekking and camping in Goa at places that are specially recommended for hiking and trekking. Latest craze that draws plenty of adventure travellers to Goa is go-karting. Panaji-Margao highway and Arpora are the best places to enjoy this action-packed motor-sport.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Treasure Shores of South Goa with United-21 Emerald Boutique Hotel

Goa, known for best 'Sand, Sun, Sea and Surf', is surely a paradise for both the freaky and the calm. This place really strings up the chords of all that is soulful yet frolic. Goa is mainly divided into two parts, the north and the south filled with enriching common and natural heritage sites, some of world's best beaches, delicious delicacies, window opening to amazing views, best beach hotels and resort and all hot.
varca beach south goa
South Goa serves as a massage center of souls with its clean and peaceful beaches away from the much crowded north Goa. Most tourists visiting south Goa seek a place to relax, have coconut water and simply cherish in the beauty of nature.

The south part of Goa is for the reclusive tourists and there are limited budget hotels and resorts that really deliver you an experience. One of the nest-like bases here is United-21 Emerald budget hotel, a modern retreat, located very near to the Varca beach, a place where the dolphins pose.

This boutique-king hotel is where the fun begins, providing all-suites sheltering and contemporary amenities that make a warm, comfortable and intimate setting, opening doors to heart-throbbing journeys of south Goa.

Quench your taste buds by exploring bold flavors of Chutzpaha, an in-house restaurant, serving eclectic range of dishes as desired. Another restaurant, The Peacock serves delightful Indian cuisine ranging from mild and aromatic to extremely bold and fiery. All this under one-roof so that you don't miss on anything that is premium.

Baccarat Rose, the flamboyant bar offering premium brands and spirited cocktails, is the ultimate place to grab a drink and just chill. A healthy approach with a perfect mix of varied pleasures at the Rogues Gallery allows a unique recreational experience.

United-21 Emerald is one of the exotic budget hotels and an ideal family vacation spot in Goa. It is designed to pamper you in an atmosphere both intimate and indulgent and offers style, with the informality of a home.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Viceroys Arch A Great Example of Portuguese Architecture

Many of the tourist attractions in Goa remind travellers of the times when this Indian state was under Portuguese rule. Among these attractions is the Viceroy's Arch, located in Old Goa. It welcomes visitors arriving in Old Goa for exploring all the historic remains that the city still houses. The Viceroy's Arch was constructed in the year 1599 by Francis da Gama, who served as Viceroy of Portuguese-occupied India from 1597 to 1600, and was the great grandson of Vasco da Gama. In the following years, it became a custom for every Viceroy to pass through this arch before taking charge.
Viceroys Arch
The original structure was built by Francis da Gama, soon after the Portuguese conquered the region. It underwent many changes in the years that followed, and was completely re-built in the year 1954. Embellished with attractive floral designs, this structure attracts visitors of Old Goa by its beautiful laterite works. Greenish granite has been used in the construction of its facade on the riverside. As the travellers walk past the two additional tiers, they can find a statue of St. Catherine on top. The image of Vasco da Gama can be seen on the granite facade that faces the Mandovi River. Visitors can spare some time to visit the Church of St. Cajetan, which looks quite similar to St. Peter's Basilica of Rome.

Old Goa is located at a distance of about 10 kilometres from Margao, the second largest city of the state. While enjoying their vacation, tourists can hire a car or bike to reach the Viceroy's Arch. They can also travel in the State Transport buses that ply frequently around the region. Accommodation in any of the Colva Beach hotels would make it convenient for travellers in visiting the Viceroy's Arch. Modern facilities provided in these hotels make the stays of their guests truly memorable.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

South Goa Tourists Enjoy Visiting Varca Beach

Tourists visiting Goa like to spend most of their time in South Goa, as it is home to some marvellous beaches and lush green coconut plantations. Unlike North Goa, which is largely commercial, South Goa offers an ideal environment for relaxation. Its sandy beaches are enough to make a holiday in Goa truly memorable. Other spectacular offerings of this region include the majestic structures of Portuguese era and hills that comprise mostly of forests.
Varca Beach south Goa

Among the places that are visited by travellers, Varca Beach is well-known for its white, powdery sands, and clean surroundings. Visitors would come across several wooden boats that are used by fishermen of the town. Located at a distance of about 2 kilometres from Benaulim town, it has the perfect setting for ones who are looking for some solitude and relaxation. An accommodation in any of the Goa hotels near beach of Varca offers tourists great convenience in enjoying a walk on its sands whenever they want to. Many of the shacks on this beach provide authentic Goan cuisines to the visitors, including some delicious sea food. They can also visit several tourist attractions located nearby. Some of the activities enjoyed by travellers in this region include watching dolphins and enjoying boat trips on Sal River.

Excellent connectivity to all the popular locations nearby would help tourists in getting to this beach without any hassles. The hotels in Goa that are located close to it provide well-furnished rooms and suites for a memorable stay of tourists. Guests of these hotels can enjoy some great facilities like comfortable air-conditioning, LCD television, personal safe and Wi-Fi connectivity. They can also have access to some fantastic amenities like doctor-on-call, shopping closets, and currency exchange. Some of them are located close to Dabolim Airport, and Margao Railway Station, much to the convenience of tourists.